DESSANGE, a luxury brand dedicated to women's beauty, is characterized by femininity, elegance and seduction. DESSANGE provides for the stars of the silver screen at prestigious events and pampers thousands of other women each day in its salons, institutes and spas, bringing a global dimension to their beauty. The expertise of our salons, institutes and spas extends to the skincare range (cleansers, exfoliants, facial and body skin care products, etc.), bringing each a unique sensory experience and providing professional results.

Facial treatment

Marine Eye and Lip Treatment - 45 min,€45,00

Specialized care treatment for eyes and lips with multiple action. Rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle action suitable for tired eyes with dark circles and puffiness. The various organic ingredients penetrate into the skin through a combination of manual and electric massage.The treatment ends with hand massage.

Signature Dessange Pearl - 55 min,€60,00

A unique treatment with Black Pearl that immediatly smooths wrinkles and is considered a symbol of royal treatment and beauty. The combination of Black Pearl and hyalluronic acid micromolecules have anti-aging properties and help cell regeneration and skin oxygenation. The hydration and protection offered by the use of the unique Shea Butter, give perfect results. The treatment is completed with soothing leg pressures and relaxing hand massage.

Fire & Ice 55 min,€69,00

UFacial mask with algae and kaolin which tightens the skin and soften expression lines. The treatment is completed with a hand and arm massage.Suggested treatment for very dry skin or after sun exposure.

Radiance-enhancing treatment with island fruits 1h, €75,00

Does your skin feel tired without radiance? Does your complexion look dull or discolorated while the cream and makeup you regularly use seem unable to make you look and feel better? Then the radiance enhancing treatment with island fruits is necessary for you! For better results, this facial treatment is performed 100% manually and will make your complexion look healthy by restoring it’s natural healthy tone. It cleanses the skin perfectly while removing all traces of impurites and boosts the cell activity of tired and sallow skin. Freshness, vitality and perfect complexion tone are the key words of what this treatment will do for you. The treament starts with a back massage and ends with a hand massage.

Unique Face Treatment (ΑΗΑ) 1h 10,€75,00

A highly effective skin care treatment with firming and anti-aging properties which gives skin an extra glow. The combination of 100 % organic products with AHA and paprika, pave the road against the ravages of time. Paprika helps skin to absorb the AHA and rose hip products that are applied, increasing blood circulation and enhancing lymphatic function. The results are visible even after the very first application. The treatment ends with a hand massage.

Organic Classic Facial 1h 15,€75,00

Classic facial cleansing with organic products. An ideal treatment for oily but non- sensitive skin that combines steam treatment and massage with thermal water. The serum and mask used are chosen based ​​on your personal needs to leave skin feeling soft and fresh. For optimum results, the treatment is completed with electric massage on the face and hand massage.

Deep cleansing Dessange 1h 15,€75,00

Our priority is for you to relax and enjoy this treatment, which begins with applying pressure to the whole body and continues to prepare skin for the facial cleansing using a warm towel. After the facial cleaning, the treatment continues with specialized facial massage and use of products based on your own personal needs for the ultimate relaxation and pampering.

Anti-wrinkle light-enhancing treatment with RF 1h 30,€95,00

The skin is an "environment" subjected to the influence and damage cause by phychological, physiological and environmental factors (pollution, sun, cigarette smoke etc.). During certain periods in your life, your skin undergoes major changes, particularly during menopause when it may suffer from a number of imbalances such as dehydration, lines, wrinkles, dullness and signs of other imperfections (dark sports,redness,etc). This treatment will help diminish the appearance of visible signs of aging, smooth existing wrinkles, even out complexion tone and restore balance to the skin by providing nutrition and suppleness. Your complexion will shine and the whole face will appear visibly younger and refreshed.

Spa Prestige Natural Power, 1h 55€110,00

A breath of oxygen suitable for all skin types and especially for problematic skin. Ideal treatment for immediate stimulation, regeneration of cells and whitening, which leaves the skin feeling refreshed with an added glow. The oxygen mask with amino acids is harmoniously blended with the cucumber mask to stop and prevent premature and ongoing aging of the skin.

Facial precious trilogy, 2h €120,00

The house of Dessange is dedicated to the beauty of every woman and is characterized by three words : femininity , elegance and charm. Give yourself a gift let go in the hands of our experts for 120 minutes of total relaxation and care. The back massage will make you feel relaxed while the deep cleansing facial with Dessange products and specialized collagen masks will hydrate and add a healthy glow to your skin adding for a perfect result.

Skin Escape for Him, 25 min, 50 min, €25,00 €50,00

UFacial mask with algae and kaolin which tightens the skin and soften expression lines. The treatment is completed with a hand and arm massage.Suggested treatment for very dry skin or after sun exposure.


*All of our facials are suitable and recommended for men
**Add a Hair Style to Any Facial for 15,00 €

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